Leadership and communication case study

Please read the assignment guidelines below. I have uploaded the case and the questions to be answered. I also uploaded Chapter 8 from the leadership course. Please read the chapter before reading the case because your answers to the case questions will have to be relevant to the chapter.

Leadership Case A (p.268) Frank won’t accept “We can’t” for an answer
The business cases are from relevant chapters of the text book. Each answer is expected to be within 200 to 250 words. Up to a maximum of 70% of the allocated mark for each question will be assigned for the accuracy and completeness of the answer. Up to a maximum 30% of the mark will be allocated mainly but not limited on the demonstration of the following parameters:• Structure of the response including clear introductory and concluding remarks with body.• Showing of examples wherever applicable.• Drawing graphs wherever applicable.• Academic evidence supporting the argument.• Logical flow and smooth transitions between arguments.• Free of grammar and spelling errors along with appropriate writing style – clear and concise.