Prison sentencing/overcrowding

This is a proposing a solution essay.You try to convince readers tha a problem exist, that it is serious, and that your way of definging and solcing the problem makes sense. What exactly is the problem? When was it first noticed? What or whom does it affect? What are its effects? How far does it extend? What were the causes? What, if anything has been done to alleviate the problem? What other alternatives exsist? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each alternitive? What is the best alternative, or will a combination be needed?
Topic: ethical crises of suppliers (procurement)
Essay Content: Unfortunately, there are many examples of companies that sourced with suppliers wholater had major ethical or social responsibility crises. Find one such example reported in the popular press within the last five years (since Fall 2010).
• Describe the buying company, the supplier, and the ethical/social issue; include dates.
• Did the buying company suffer any serious repercussions from this event? What were they, and how severe?
• Did the supplier suffer any serious repercussions from this event? What were they, and how severe?
• Most companies would not intentionally source from an unethical or socially irresponsible supplier. In this case, what do you think the buying company overlooked? Why?
• Did the buying company put anything in place to prevent this from happening again? If not, what could/should they have done?
• Be sure to include the citation(s) for source(s) of information.
• The essay must be 400-600 words in total length.
• The essay must be formatted as a Word file (.docx file extension) or as a PDF.
• Use double line spacing and 12 point font.
• Do not include any graphics, pictures, or charts.
• The file name of your essay must be ONLY your MSU PID. For example, the file name should formatted as “A41234123.docx”with no extra spaces or characters. The essay file name andthe document itself must contain no other personal identifying information. IF YOUR FILE IS NOT LABELLED CORRECTLY, IT WILL NOT BE GRADED.
• Essay files must be submitted to the appropriate D2L dropbox no later than 11:30pm on Tuesday, December 1, 2015.
• Late assignments are not accepted for any reason and will be scored as a zero for the essay portion. There are NO exceptions so plan accordingly and don’t wait until the last day (or last minute).
Academic Honesty:
• Feel free to cite and paraphrase from reputable sources but do not directly copy or quote from any sources (published or unpublished).
• Citations should be in any easily understandable format.
• Any evidence of plagiarism will be graded as a zero.

• As described in the course syllabus, essays will be graded by student teams. See the syllabus and posted grading instructions for further details.
• Up to 10 points can be earned based on how well your essay is ranked by the student team.
• If you participate in your grading team, you will earn up to an additional 5 points.
• For this assignment, there are 15 total maximum points.
Each student grading team must submit the completed grading form to the appropriate D2L dropboxby 11:30pm on Thursday, December 10, 2015. If the form is not completed on time, no team members will earn points for grading