EU Law

please use a lot of academic journals as you can see this essay has to be based on quite a lot of criticism. Please use the treaty of lisbon, process, architecture and substance by paul craig
and directives:direct effect, indirect effect and the construction of national legislation by paul p. craig and
please do use the EU Law:text, cases and materials by paul craig and grainne de burca,
Fosters on EU law by nigel Foster. use other journals on democratic
also use other journals and good text books please.

when writing the essay, I have attached what my professor said about the assignment like what to include please read it carefully and use it and please always relate back to the question. you could write down the intro as mentioned in my professors note and in the main body you could explain the institutions and talk about the history as you go along so it does not sound repetitive. when writing the essay please do not go in depth with the European Central Bank and the Court of Auditors as they are not very important for this essay please do footnotes and a bibliography page
I have my lecture slides uploaded, you do not have to use them, they are there for background information. please always use treaties when you could and few cases.
You will see yellow highlights in my professor’s notes please follow what they say.

i just wanted to add on the instructions and say make sure you go back and read the file that is called EU law Autumn essay question because this is the essay question . just add this to the rest of the instructions please xx
“please focus only on the EU may include minor things about the US but it has to have a relation with the EU, please do an inro as said in my professors notes and please write down a conclusion as well “