Statistical Process Control (SPC) in Practice

note: writer “must” review the first lab assignment(will upload) then following first assignment to answer the following questions.
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In your first lab assignment(will upload), you analyzed defects in M&M’s candies using a Pareto Chart. The Pareto chart allowed you to display a bar chart in order of decreasing frequency, which identifies the largest opportunity for improvement. Now that you know what the most frequent problem is, you are going to use your quality management skills to get to the bottom of the problem by finding its root cause(s). Refer to your first lab assignment, and answer the following questions in a Word document.

1. What total quality management tool would you use to study causation? Please support your argument carefully with facts and well-regarded opinions from research, in addition to personal observations and experiences. (4points)
2. What is the difference between a flowchart and a Fishbone diagram? (4points)
3. Construct a flowchart to describe your data collection and analysis process for the M&M’s assignment (4points)
4. Construct a Fishbone diagram to find the root cause(s) of the most frequent defect found in the M&M’s candies. Ask why five times for at least two of the main causes (4points).
5. Explain how the admission department of a college could use the tools discussed in this assignment to improve the admission process? Please support your arguments with facts (6points).