United Health Group

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Answer the following 6 questions in BOLD about United Health Group (UHN).
United Health Group is a Fortune 14 company, and the world’s largest health insurance and health services company. Healthcare and health insurance are a very hot topic right now – especially since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. This legislation has changed the landscape of the healthcare industry, and has also shifted the focus of how care is delivered in our country.
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The final exam is a research term paper based on an individual case that each student will complete on his/her own. By week 4, all students must submit an email to the professor that describes a company that they will begin to research for approval in writing. The company should be of adequate size and PUBLICLY TRADED to ensure you will have access to information about the company in public sources. The final exam paper should be no less than 20 pages, double spaced 12 font typed. Each final exam must include a bibliography showing the research you have done. My suggestion is that you begin to conduct your research right away but refrain from writing the paper until we have gone through a few weeks of cases. Correct spelling and proper sentence structure are essential. Use APA guidelines from the 6th Edition. Make sure to include all references in your bibliography. Your papers should include a cover page, an abstract, the body of the exam (the five questions answered), bibliography and appendices and must be posted in the course tool under
The following six questions should be answered.
1. Strategic Evolution (History)
Provide an overview of your strategic evolution. Focusing in specifically and clearly on the key events that had a strategic impact (for better or worse) across the organization’s life cycle
2. SWOT Analysis
Prepare a SWOT analysis for the organization. The SWOT analysis may be presented either as a written explanation, fully covering each area, or presented graphically with a summary explanation of the key elements to be noted. Identify/discuss how the element’s placement impacts the organization positively or negatively.
3. Environmental Assessment
Prepare an analysis for the organization on each of their environments – internal environment, external environment and stakeholder environment. Identify/discuss how the element’s placement in the system impacts the organization positively or negatively.
4. Financial Assessment
The financial assessment may be presented either as a written explanation or presented in a table that you have created (not merely copying the financial tables from an annual report or financial website). Cover the key ratios, measures, and metrics with a summary explanation of the key elements to be noted.
5. Strategic Issues
Identify and summarize the major strategic issues facing this organization in relation to the industry.
Address each of the following areas:
•Completely and clearly identify each relevant problem.
•Define the root issues of the problem completely and clearly.
•Define the potential implications of the problem completely and clearly.
•Examine the relevant contextual factors of the problem.
•Examine the components of the problem from multiple perspectives.
6. Strategic Recommendations
If you were the organization’s executive leader, preparing a presentation to your colleagues regarding next steps in your grand strategy, what would you recommend?
This section of the paper must present realistic – and well supported by the evidence presented in the rest of the paper – grand strategy steps.
Correct spelling, grammar, proper use of headings and APA style, as well as correct use of citations are essential. If not correctly used, they will negatively influence the grades.