Major Case Write-up of Fictional or Celebrity Character


1. the professors directions for the assignment. The Character that I have chosen is Britney Spears.

2. Biographical information on the character, gathered from . Should you feel the need to gather more information, You may refer to

or do a google search. The bolded section of the document is where the bulk of problematic symptoms and behavior will stem from. Some creative liberty may be used in the assignment.

3. An example of the case study format from my textbook. The character used in the example chapter is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. The chapter example should be used as a template for how the paper should be written.

4. A template for the inverted pyramid in section 4

5. Information for the treatment plan from my textbook.

6. I have already completed section 1 of the assignment (introducing the character), which is attached.

7. a treatment plan template
For Section 3 – Diagnostic Impressions, the diagnosis should be 296.43 Bipolar I disorder.

No references or citations are needed.