Nursing Theory scope and assumptions

Topic: Nursing Theory scope and assumptions
Since the topics of all 4 papers this semester will be related, could I get the same writer? I could not find the writer ID in my last order, # 81254790.
Paper # 2 topic. Describe the level, scope, and theory assumptions of the nursing theory chosen in paper # 1 which was Dorothea Orem’s theory of self care deficit. Relate a synthesis of the theory assumptions and analyze and evaluate the theory. Analysis.. an examination of what the author is trying to say, conducted objectively. Evaluation.. does the model meet external criteria, value and structure of the theory, conclusion about the credibility of the theory. How well do you under stand the theory, does it have consistency. Do the theory components translate into diverse( cultural, gender) perspectives.
Intro: Identify topic, purpose of paper
Conclusion: Summarize major concepts, synthesize thoughts presented in the paper and relate those to the introduction. Use current resources for references. Use 2 scholarly articles that articulate the chosen theory and 2 additional references that use the theory in the articles conceptual framework. Total of 4 papges not including reference and title page. APA format