breast MRI

Topic: breast MRI
This assignment has 3 different parts (questions) and each part has limited words as mentioned below: 1. Discuss the common image artefacts associated with Breast MRI, and strategies used to minimise them. (approx 1100 words)
2. Discuss the clinical usefulness of spectroscopy in Breast MRI (approx 600 words)
3. What is Magnetic Resonance Elastography (MRE)? What information would it add to a Breast MRI examination? (approx 600 words).
Please do not provide an introduction and conclusion just answer the questions. Relevant images and figures are required, and should be referred to in main text e.g. “. As seen in fig 1…” All figures need a figure number, caption and reference. Please make sure that the plagiarism does not exceed the standard limits and it should be reasonable.