Hodgkin’s Lymphoma


You are required to produce a case study in the form of a poster on the following disease:

– Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

You are required to:
a) develop a case study on a patient with the following diseases: Lymphoma

Further information on the coursework:
The only information you have been provided with on this case study is the disease, lymphoma
Therefore, you need to decide:
• age (select an age from the typical age range the disease is diagnosed in) and gender of patient;
• What led to the patient being diagnosed (was it a routine blood test or were they symptomatic?).
• Need to describe tests performed to diagnose the condition, and the patient’s results of these tests, together with the normal reference ranges. This means you will need to identify what abnormal findings are typically found in the disease and select appropriate ones. The easiest way of concisely summarising this information is in a table.
• Remember to match symptoms to the laboratory values, and also to the disease stage/severity
• Describe how the disease progresses in your patient, providing further information on clinical symptoms and results of additional tests that accompany disease progression
• Provide details of the treatments given (name, dosage, frequency) to your patient and monitoring the treatment response in your patient (i.e. selecting appropriate values).
• The case study of a particular disease, which means you need to provide all the above information in the context of your patient. It is not an essay in which you write about the above topic generally, it must be related to your patient.
• Need to provide references and include labelled figures appropriate and tables in the context of the disease and your patient.