Business Plan assignment 2- Physio clinic

Topic: Business Plan assignment 2- Physio clinic
Hi, Please base this assignment in a report format based on part 1 of my assignment (which I have attached) its about opening a small physic business. Also I have attached marking criteria and a powerpoint presentation of the important points that need to be targeted. Please make sure the instructions are followed.
This assignment requires you to use the business outlined in assignment 2a and forecast likely revenues that could be generated by the business and the costs of running it. Ultimately you need to assess whether your proposed business is financially viable.
1. Identify and quantify the start-up costs of the business you outlined in part 1 of your business plan.
2. How will these start-up costs be funded – eg by loans or existing savings?
3. Identify and quantify the ongoing costs of running your business on a monthly basis. Make sure that you distinguish between fixed and variable costs.
4. Outline the type of marketing you will do to promote your business.
5. What prices or fees will you charge for your products and/or services? Explain how you arrived at these fees.
6. Estimate the number of customers for the first 12 months – explain how you arrived at these figures.
7. How much do you think you will be paying yourself in the first 12 months? Why?
8. Develop a cash flow budget for the first year of operation on a monthly basis.
9. Calculate the number of customers you will need to break-even – i.e. cover all your costs – in the first year.
10. Comment on the financial viability of your business during its first year of operation. Is your proposed business financially viable?
You will be assessed on the following:
• Proof reading, writing clearly and in an appropriate formal style for an academic report.
• Use of APA and correct citing of sources with page reference for quotes.
• Analysis of start- up and on-going costs.
• Breakeven analysis.
• Explanation of both clients and fee structure and convincing marketing strategy.
• Analysis of financial viability.
• Realistic budget with all costs and revenues included