Educational Technology

Topic: Educational TechnologyI will upload 9 articles. I need you to write 2 pages for each articles. Those two pages include a summary and reflection for one article. So each article has one section for summary and one section for reflection. I need you to support the reflection with one of the learning theories if applicable and support the reflection with examples f. I need you to mention the main or important point that is said in the article and cite it in text.
There are 9 articles, but one of them is long, and it approximately 55 pages. I need three pages for the long article,and two pages for the other 8 articles. I need the citation and the references list in APA style. Please make sure to write summary and reflection for each article because some mistakes happened when I placed an order last time.
Additionally, I need you to make a references list for those 9 articles that I provided to you.
I need tow pages for each article except one of them which is the longest one, I need to write three pages for the longest one.