Analyse and compare different complementary health modalities

Please write each answer below each question. Please make sure it is relevant to Australia and keep in mind that this is for my Salon Management course. Thank you!

1. What kind of aspects does someone need to consider when deciding either a complementary health practitioner or a Western medicine practitioner? List 3 reasons.
2. What influence (if any) do you think reality TV shows such as The Biggest Loser has on the general public’s motivation and perception of their health?
3. Have a look at this NSA document, detailing the requirements of a RPHNutr: n_nutrition_science_public_health.pdf. What do you think are the two most important attributes a practitioner of this kind can have when working within public health? List two benefits of becoming a RPHNutr, as opposed to a private sector Nutritionist.
4. How would you feel about going to your local GP for reflexology? Do you think that it crosses any perceived boundaries for you?
5. Veturo Therapy is a form of naturopathic technology; research this and document a paragraph of your findings.
6. Do you think there should be a minimum educational requirement consistent across all complementary health modalities? If one were introduced, what kind of implications would this have on existing practitioners?
7. What are your thoughts on how complementary health modalities could contribute to the aged care sector?
8. What methods of creating your own referral network would you consider using and why?
9. Research your local area (in Melbourne, Australia) business networking opportunities and document two that you have found. How could they assist a complementary health practitioner?