Adjustable size shoe

I need a prototype, creating for example a 3D sketch/ drawings for a new innovation that is Adjustable size shoe. the 3D sketch/drawings should be clear, easy and very convincing for the parents to purchase the product. the target is school kids from 6-12 years old.
My best idea is:
Adjustable size shoe

• The shoe is an accessory that almost all the people in the world uses. There are more than six billion in the world that would require a pair of shoes. The current market offers a disposable shoe where the customer must change the shoe every year due to fashion standards, change of size or failure. The innovation works for the people that will change sizes in a period of one or two years when you may maintain its qualities.
• The market of scholar students is the main market of the adjustable size shoe. The students of primary school with ages from 6 to 13 years change sizes every year and in some cases in the same year. The use of adjustable size shoes is a response to the necessity to have a shoe despite the change of size of the foot of the client.
• Better than compete with the traditional shoe market, the innovation would be available to the traditional shoe makers to adopt the standard of adjustable size and offer new designs to the people with the adjustable size technology. The technology uses microorganism inside the shoe that regenerates the volume increasing the size according to the “growth” force of the foot