Lilo and Stitch

Media Analysis: Learning a Lesson through Film

Every text conveys meaning; at the same time, those messages are not always taught to us directly. Often, stories will teach their audiences a lesson about life in a subtle way. By being a critical reader and observer, audiences can come to thoughtful conclusions about what a text is trying to teach them. For this assignment you be writing an argument about a specific message that a film is trying to teach its viewers.

In this essay you will be required to pick a movie of your choice from the films listed below and use analysis to support your argument regarding what the film is trying to teach its viewers. You will perform an analysis of the theme or message that you have uncovered in the text. Your essay must have a clear interpretation of the text you have chosen to analyze.

The goal of this essay is to lead your readers through your analysis with a clear explanation of the meaning you have found. You will essentially be arguing for a specific meaning in the elements of the text based on the evidence that the text alone has provided—that means no outside sources!

***Remember that you will need to include a brief but informative summary of each element that is being analyzed, a clear interpretation of what the element represents or conveys, and a reasonable explanation of how each component of the film supports for your argument***
Choose one of the following movies:
Lilo & Stitch
The Road to El Dorado
The Emperor’s New Groove
The Princess & the Frog

Beauty and the Beast

¬ 3½ pages
¬ Double-spaced
¬ Times New Roman and size 12 font
¬ Third-person perspective