American history

• Documentary Analysis Instructions –
Students will write 10 document analyses on the assigned readings. These assigned readings come from the online reader, American Perspectives.
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Assigned documents:

Unit One Readings:

1. “Ragged Castaway”
2. “The Horrors of the Slave Ship”
3. “Jamestown Fiasco”
• Assignment required Pages : 6

Unit Two Readings:

4. “Declaration of Independence”
5. “The Cherokee Removal Through the Eyes of a Private Solider”
6. “Nat Turner Rebellion”
7. “The Monroe Doctrine”
• Assignment required Pages : 8

Unit Three Readings:

8. “Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments”
9. “Excerpts from on “Civil Disobedience”
10. “President Lincoln’s Letters to his Generals”

• Assignment required Pages : 6

Abbreviated Document Analysis Worksheet
1. List three important points (do not use quotations, use your own words).
a. On the document analysis you will list 3 important points in the reading AND write why those points are important-historically.

b. Your document analysis would look like:

i. important point
ii. important point
iii. important point

Then paragraph explaining why/how points relate or important to history.

2. Write a paragraph on why these points are important (historically).
3. When you have completed ALL ten, then upload your work as ONE FILE

Resources –

*Online Reader–American Perspectives
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Essay 2 –
The essay question is:
Andrew Jackson carried the power of the presidency to new heights. Use evidence from the text to explain how he did so.
DEVELOPING YOUR ANSWER: At almost every turn, Jackson behaved as a forceful activist and engaged in direct confrontation with his opponents. The combination of these two qualities made the presidency unusually powerful in his hands. To document Jackson’s activist approach and his confrontational style, the following should be included in your discussion:
1. Indian policy: Jackson’s Indian removal policy and actions and his blunt refusal to implement the Supreme Court’s decision in Worcester v.Georgia
The nullification controversy: Jackson’s public confrontation with John C. Calhoun and his dramatic preparations to use military force against South Carolina

Instructions –

(1) Simply listen to the lectures

o Origins of the Constitution UR
o New Republic URL
o Age of Jefferson URL-
o Era of Good Feelings and Jackson Democracy URL-
o American Society and Economy Transformed URL-

(2) AND review the textbook chapters 7-11.
o from the online reader, American Perspectives
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(3) You should start reading and answering the questons concerning Zinn’s book –