Compare two Chinese Film “Stage Sister” and “Yellow Earth”

Chinese Film
Compare two Chinese Film “Stage Sister” and “Yellow Earth”, you can find them both on Youtube with English Subtitle. 1. Compare and Contrast the two in terms of character development through timeline, plot, theme and cinematic style. 2. Examine how these films were influenced by the dictates of Art And Culture formulated by Mao Ze Dong. 3. On “Stage Sister”,  talk a bit more about its two main characters under the influence of the old society.

Importance of Film Form.

Describe and discuss the significance of film form using the Bugs Bunny cartoon Wackiki Wabbit (1943)as your chief example. Video link


In your response, analyze the function and motivation of each major formal pattern in the cartoon. Are there important narrative or stylistic motifs that are developed over the course of the film? Your response should run about 500 to 600 words.
The setup: two shipwreck survivors are adrift at sea on a makeshift raft. Suffering from starvation, each of them begins to imagine the other as a source of food. Espying a distant tropical island, the pair make landfall and are greeted by Bugs Bunny. The castaways try to capture Bugs with the intention of cooking and eating him.

Hints for viewing and analyzing film form:

• Identify three or four particular motifs in the film and trace their development from the film’s beginning to its end. Some of these motifs may involve particular story elements. Other motifs may involve techniques of film style. What motivates the presence of each motif? How does each motif function in the film? How do these motifs contribute to the sense that the film is narratively and stylistically unified?

• Is there a pattern of similarity and repetition evident in the development of these motifs? Or are there some differences and variations in the way they develop? Do these patterns of repetition and variation create formal parallelisms that structure the film?

• Compare the film’s beginning and ending. Do the opening and closing scenes create a parallelism that is evident from this comparison?
• Your previous experience with Bugs Bunny cartoons may create certain expectations about how the story in the cartoon develops. Besides those specific story elements, your experience with other cartoons may also create expectations about the style of the images and sounds that you see. Did the cartoon fulfill those expectations? Were there aspects of the cartoon that you felt were unconventional?

Movie Analysis

All written assignments must use “normal” font using, with one inch margins all the way around. Papers must be written using APA format. The papers must be double-spaced with no extra spacing between paragraphs. Any directly quoted sections that are more than three typed lines must have a 1 ½ margin on left and right and be single spaced. Organize your thoughts into a coherent form. Make it obvious to the reader of your essay where you are going in your paper and how you propose to get there. I expect quotes and less formal references to the readings to demonstrate your argument or theme.

Pick 3 scenes from the 1979, Francis Ford-Coppola film ‘Apocalypse Now’ and critically appraise the sound in these scenes using film sound theory terms


Aims and Summary
This module introduces the theory and practice associated with sound in film, television and computer games. It examines the tools and methods utilised in recording and synching dialogue, creating sound effects and musical accompaniment for sound to picture. The theoretical content encompasses Film Sound Theory, the implementation of ADR, Foley, production and post-production sound, audio programming for games and nonlinear audio platforms associated with game engines. The practical content incorporates current industry practice and technologies and engages students both individually and collaboratively in set briefs, the aim being to produce high quality portfolio material and to gain an understanding of commercial practices and aesthetics.
There are intended module learning outcomes against which your work will be assessed. On completion of this module you should be able to:
1) understand the significance and uniqueness of sound and music as modes of communication and meaning production;

2) analyse sound and music artefacts/performers as cultural expression;
3) understand the relationship between notions of creativity, artistry and commercial imperatives in the sphere of professional sound and music production;

4) critically evaluate how audiences perceive, understand and produce meaning from sound and music.

Brief: assignment 2- Critical Appraisal Film Sound (50%)

Written work: (2000 words) Pick 3 scenes from the 1979, Francis Ford-Coppola film ‘Apocalypse Now’ and critically appraise the sound in these scenes using film sound theory terms. Paying particular attention to the dimensions of the sound track: Time, Space, Fidelity and Rhythm. Evaluate the content, style and intended meaning of the soundtrack and consider the impact of the film’s sound design on subsequent films.

The Influence of the 007 Series of Films for People Living in UK
Do not plagiarise, never just cpopy and paste, the dissertation will check the similarity via Turnitin.

Questionnaire prompts and interview questions

Institution of Affiliation
Questionnaire prompts
1. What is your gender? (Tick appropriately)
Male Female
2. What is your highest level of education?
None High school and below College and above
3. What is your Age group? (Age groups in years)
Below 20 20-30 30-40 40-50
50-60 60-70 Above 70
4. What is your monthly income range?(Income in £)
Below 1000 1001 – 5000 5001-10000 10001-15000
15001-20000 20001-25000 25001-30000Above 30000
5. How many releases of 007 Series of films have you watched?
1 2 3 4
5 6 7 Above 7
6. Do the films influence your personal, religious and political beliefs?
Yes No
If yes, how would you rate the influence?
Minimum Maximum
12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
7. Rate the following statement, “007 Series of films celebrate or glorify violence”.
(Strongly disagree – SD. Disagree – DA. Neutral – N. Agree – A. Strongly agree – SA)

8. Do you think the character has any significance in relation to modern fears about terrorism?
Yes No
9. Please rate the effect of the releases of 007 Series of films you have watched on your social life.
None High
0 12 3 4 5
10. How did you acquire releases of 007 Series of films?
i. Online streaming of genuine copies
ii. Online streaming of pirated copies
iii. Genuine copy from movies outlets/theaters
iv. Pirated copy from friends and movie outlets
v. TV broadcasters
Interview prompts
1. What is your monthly income range, education level and age group?
2. How many releases of 007 series of films have you watched and how did you acquire them?
3. How have the releases you have watched influenced your perspective of religion and politics?
4. How has the releases you have watched influenced your perspective of violence and terrorism, and how the two should be handled?
5. How has the releases you have watched influenced your social life?

Film reviewing

Required Preparatory Reading:
Chapter 4: ‘Six Approaches To Writing About Film’ Corrigan, Tim (2006) A Short Guide To Writing About Film London: Longman

Portfolio Task 6:
Write a 600 word review of The Red Shoes, with particular comments on the director’s style, suitable for Sight & Sound (do not write separate plot synopsis and credits – just a self-contained 600 word review)

Hollywood, industry and imaginary

I will have to work with the writer on another level for this proposal as the same writer will need to help write the actual dissertation in a few months too, and that is why the writer will need to help me pick the essay title and see what the writer prefers. Its a complicated order i am aware of this, that is why i will need the writer to contact me whenever theres any confusion so that the work doesn’t get effected.
I will attach additional files of what the topics are and from those the writer can choose the dissertation title and then proceed with writing the proposal for this order. (we don’t have to worry about the actual 7000 words dissertation until a few months later.) I think all the work goes in reading the file i will attach as the writer will need to access so many different kinds of readings but of course the writer could just skim through it and not read every single session and choose the topic of interest then create a dissertation title and send me and message back updating me on what you’ve chosen so i could run it by my teacher and see if its okay or if something needs to be changed or added before the writer proceeds with the order. As i said the process of choosing a topic and a title is the hard part as the proposal is of 1000 words only. If the writer prefers more than one idea or topic title that is fine too, just let me know before you start so i choose. Also, i would prefer for the writer to make a decision with choosing within the next 7 days so i have time to run it by my teacher, but the writer could have up until January 1st to finish the proposal. (no later than january 1st though)

There will be 2 files attached. 1 file which is the biggest one has all the sessions and the topics and readings. (This is the file that the writer will need to read to decide) and the second file has all the instructions that the writer will need in order to achieve the best proposal.

NOTE: i need the writer to choose a topic and reply to me with the idea they chose with the title and i would want to know about the case studies that they want to use, and how would the writer investigate this phenomenon and what material would you use? so i could check if it is good or not. within 7 days maximum please. and i said the proposal itself could be extended until the 1st of january so the writer shouldn’t worry about the 10 days deadline.

To what extent does your case challenge or support claims of Hollywood cinema entering a ‘new’ period in the 2000s?

Essay 2 should address the question:

To what extent does your case challenge or support claims of Hollywood cinema entering a ‘new’ period in the 2000s?

As a means of focus, your essay should select a case that enables you to examine in detail one of the following sites.

1) DVD

2) Paratexts and/or promotion

3) Computer-generated imagery

4) Web-based cinema

5) A site of your choice that you must agree with Paul Grainge

You should analyze your case in terms of one or more (but not all!) of the following contexts:

Industrial or production contexts
Distribution contexts
Exhibition contexts
Textual contexts (e.g. positions within narrative/representational/genre systems)

Movie Analyze

In a nutshell
For this assignment I want you to watch one of the movies listed below and read “Why
Everyone in an Enterprise Can and Should Be a Leader” by Knowledge@Wharton. Then I
want you to craft a five page essay that ties together the article, the movie, and this
unit of the course. The overall goal of this assignment is to show that you can apply theory from
this unit to practice. (You may include elements from other units to help contextualize theories
from this unit, but my goal is to assess your mastery of the unit learning objectives in this
As I mentioned in the guidelines for assignments 2 and 3, as you choose your movies, for
one of the selections, I want you to choose a movie with a protagonist of the opposite sex,
or one that features a protagonist of a different sexuality, race, or ethnicity. Thus, for the
three interaction analysis assignments, two may be of leaders “like you” and one must be of
a leader who is of the opposite sex, or culturally different in some way from you. You may
not debrief the same movie more than one time.
The specific objectives are for you to:
• recognize elements of leadership and followership in action
• identify the elements of communication in the movie that transact leadership in groups
and organizations
• demonstrate an understanding of organizational culture
• analyze what are the most salient elements of leadership pertaining to this unit
represented in the movie
• draw on your knowledge base to make sense of a series of interactions pertaining to
• synthesize the required text, additional reading, and elements of the movie to show
that you can debrief leadership encounters in a meaningful way using concepts raised
in this unit.
As you debrief the movie bear in mind
• you may focus on one or more characters
• you may focus on one or more situations/encounters
• you may compare and contrast characters/situations
• you may evaluate communication and or behaviors in context
• you can take whatever approach you think will demonstrate the knowledge gained
from this unit exemplified in one or more communication encounters
I want to explore as many ways to reach students as I can – to present learning opportunities
that will maximize the possibility that course material will seem “real” – relevant, vibrant,
exciting, and infinitely worth pursuing in your quest to become a more theoretically grounded, reflexive, and competent leader. Since many of the students in this class have limited
experience of leadership in
organizations, I am offering a type of mediated ethnography to create “a level playing field”
so that inexperienced students have appropriate material to draw on to craft their essays.

You can obtain these movies from libraries, rental stores, Netflix, or a venue of your choice.
Synopsis text from
Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007)
Invictus (2009)
The Founding of a Republic 2009)
Read article from the Independent
As China prepares to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the People’s Republic, a new
blockbuster tells the story of its founding. Naturally, the nation’s biggest movie stars took part,
as Clifford Coonan reports from Beijing.
There has never been a movie quite like Jiangguo Daye. The blockbuster features nearly 200
of China’s top movie stars, including action heroes Jackie Chan and Jet Li plus a host of
directors, comedy stars and even journalists. There is Zhang Ziyi of Crouching Tiger, Hidden
Dragon, Stephen Chow of Kung Fu Hustle, and Hong Kong heartthrob Andy Lau. Imagine a
Hollywood film featuring the entire celebrity audience at the Oscars and you get the idea.
But The Founding of a Republic – the title in English – is not just an A-list extravaganza. It is a
stirring propaganda epic, a tale of how 60 years ago, when Chairman Mao’s scruffy band of
revolutionary warriors overcame Chiang Kai-shek’s Nationalist Kuomintang in the civil war to
establish the world’s most enduring Communist revolution.
Nine to five (1980)

Movie review of Age of Innocent

Creat a thesis centered essay that you feel genuinely embraces some of the salient conclusions that you have reached.
1. As an art form, movies involve literature, the political and plastic art, music, dance, theater, and even architecture. The student interested in architecture might thus respond keenly to an Eisenstein or Antonioni movie, if he or she can direct that interest to how these film makers use architectural space to add to the drama that they are presenting.(I’m an architecture student)
2. The images that you see on a movie screen are the product of certain influences and conditions, not just the world seen through the frame. The movies are not just about a subject but the rendition of that subject for particular reasons and to creat certain meanings. Film are not just about a story, a character, a place, or a way of life; they are also what john Berger has called a away of seeing at these elements in our life. Any film at any point in history might describe a family, war or the conflict between races, but the ways these are shown and the reasons they are shown in a particular way can vary greatly.
3. To write an intelligent, perceptive analysis of the stories and characters in the movies, you must be prepared to see them as constructed according to certain forms and styles that arise from many different historical influences. This is what analysis of film is essentially about: examining and commerce. Respond to those influences that most interest you. Maintain a questioning mind from the opening credits to the closing theme.
4. Elementary questions
a. What does the title mean in relation to the story?
b. Why does the movie start in the way it does?
c. When was the film made?
d. Why are the opening credits presented in such a manner against this? Particular background?
e. Why does the film conclude on this image?
f. How is this movie different from or similar to recent Hollywood films or does it harken back to films from an older generation?
g. Does this film resemble any foreign film?
h. Is there a pattern of striking camera movement, perhaps long shots or dissolves or abrupt transitions?