Public Speaking – persuasive speech analysis


Choose one of these “Top 100 Speeches” to read, watch, or listen to (depending on the text, audio, or video t

Write a two-page paper (double-spaced) in which you use the persuasion-related terms we have studied to analyze the speech. In particular, describe:
How the speaker establishes credibility (or ethos)
How the speaker appeals to the audience’s emotions (or pathos)
How the speaker uses reasoning and logical appeals to persuade (or logos). As you discuss logos in the speech, discuss the following:
oAnalyze at least one claim of fact, value, or policy
oDescribe the supporting evidence the speaker uses to support that claim
Be sure to quote specific examples from the speech in your analysis.

The papers will be evaluated as follows:
Up to 3 points for the discussion of ethos
Up to 3 points for the discussion of pathos
Up to 4 points for the discussion of logos