Interview Response

It’s interview response from a hotel management, my part is finish question 4.

Assignment Description:
1.Organizational structure of the facilities department
2.Policies surrounding environmental stewardship
3.Common maintenance problems encountered by the property
4.Maintenance performed in house and contracted out and justification for doing so
5.Recommendations for improvement

Fourth question:
what is the maintenance cleaning and maintenance of facilities in the hotel internal can process and execution, which is the hotel through outsourcing to other companies to be responsible for reducing spending costs (such as: cleaning draperies outsourced company unified wash not to clean, etc.) within the hotel.

And here is answer from hotel.

Hotel facilities equipment routine maintenance and operation work shall be borne by the engineering department, workload big construction needs renovation project outsourcing, professional strong import equipment due to the engineering technology can not reach, need maintenance by manufacturer.
The current hotel outsourcing and maintenance equipment

The engineering maintenance details
No. Maintenance of the goods Price
1 Maintenance of the boiler 25000
2 Cleaning of the boiler 8000
3 The kitchen chimney cleaning 50000
4 Maintenance of theHigh-speed elevator (mitsubishi elevator) 60000
5 Maintenance of the High-speed elevator (Hang ao elevator) 30000
6 Satellite television licence fee 85000
7 Laundry equipment maintenance fee 35000
8 The central air-conditioning maintenance 24000
9 Glass and wall cleaning fee 74000
10 PA equipment maintenance fee 10000
11 The central air conditioning cleaning fee 28000
Total 429000
Ineed you organize these information, or add some information from website
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