Combating Misleading Misrepresentations of Africa

For centuries, Western perceptions of Africa and Africans have been shaped by representations that have negated and diminished their history, diversity and complexity. Since the mid-twentieth century period of anti-colonial struggle, literary and creative work by artists and filmmakers from the continent have grappled with the legacy of negative representation. With reference to at least three of the texts below, explore and evaluate some of the strategies artists have employed to contest and negative and/or misleading representations of the continent and its people and evaluate their effectiveness.

– Changes, Ama Ata Aidoo
– Without A Name, Yvonne Vera
– Film: Ezra
– Nairobi Heat, Mukuma wa Ngugi
– Aya, Marguerite Abouet
– We Need New Names, NoViolet Bulowayo
– Mother of George, dir. Andrew Dosunmu