Health Care Policy and politics in America

1-Medicaid is one of these countries major health policy developments, but how does this policy differ from Medicare in terms of structure, finance, coverage, and philosophy?

2-Review the ways that women have been traditionally treated differently than men in America’s health care system. Include in your discussion both the social and cultural issues this represents and the policy implications.

3-With such a large number of Americans being uninsured or underinsured in terms of their health care coverage, this reality has had consequences for our society. Describe what these consequences have been and what challenges they still represent.

4-A whole class of health policy revolves around medical technology assessment. At the federal level technology assessment has resulted in a form of policy research that examines short and long term medical, social, and ethical results. Describe how this operates and what have been key outcomes of such national health policy.

5-The Certificate of Need program was believed to be an effective piece of health policy at the time it was enacted. This assessment proved less accurate as time went by. What happened to make this less attractive, but to remain in force for many individual states to this day?






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