Enron and Ethics

Based on the movie Enron, please research additional information on Enron’s collapse.

Include the following topics as well as the views from various philosophers’, i.e., Kant, John Stuart Mill, Aristotle, Jeremy Bentham, etc.

The document and presentation should include the following:
• Who were the whistle blowers?
• Were there trade secrets? If so, what were they?
• Was honesty exemplified?
• What was Enron’s’ virtues?
• Provide the Utilitarianism view as it pertains to Enron.
• Provide the Egoism view as it pertains to Enron.
• Was there justice?
• Were there property rights?
• What was the major conflict? Why was it a conflict and how was it resolved?
• Were there privacy Issues?
• Provide the Kantianism view as it pertains to Enron.






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