The Community Health Proposed Intervention paper

This reflects  the student’s ability to integrate concepts and principles of community health nursing in planning interventions for a group, population, aggregate or community.

In this learning activity, the student will write a formal paper (maximum of 10 pages of text) that includes the following:

1. A profile of the community. In addition to using information from the Windshield Survey, include a description of the population, its cultural and social identity, demographic data, morbidity and mortality statistics, and characteristics that make this community unique. Answer the question: How does the information obtained in the windshield survey influence the health of the community? Detail about my community is attached.

2. The strengths and challenges of the community. Address the psychological climate as well as the political and ethical issues faced by the community. Discuss the religious, social, educational and health care systems within the community. Are there outward signs that might indicate the belief system with regard to health in this community? Provide supporting data. Identify evidence of the use (or lack) of technology related to healthcare and addressing the health needs of the community.
3. A list of nursing diagnosis. Identify 3 problems/nursing diagnoses from your windshield survey and other data sources and place the problems in order of priority. Provide rationales, scientific evidence, and research that support your selection of the nursing diagnoses. Nursing diagnoses must be correctly stated in the three-part community nursing diagnosis format.
4. A plan for addressing the problems identified, including the use of secondary data to support the plan. Provide evidence-based information that supports your plan (document resources). Discuss levels of prevention and include epidemiological concepts and the model or framework you will use to guide your proposed intervention(s).
5. Specific information regarding the group(s) that will be involved in implementing your plan and the group(s) who will benefit from your plan? Include principles of group process, identify the gatekeeper(s), identify problem(s) that might arise and how might those problems be resolved. Include health education and health promotion strategies. Identify how you will evaluate your plan and suggest the expected outcomes? Identify the role of the community health nurse in your plan. Identify local and community resources needed to implement your plan. detail Information about my group is attached.






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