Definition of Good Writing

Write an essay in which you explore and develop your own unique definition of “good” writing. You may use the quotes above as a starting point; however, the emphasis will be on your own thoughts about the perimeters of writing, particularly what constitutes “good” writing. Essay must be between 750-1200 words. Thesis:“Good” writing is subjective depends on the writer and the reader. Writing is like an art. If writer thought it is good writing, it can be good and if reader thought it is good writing it also can be a good writing. Grading: 1.Critical Thinking 2.Clear Thesis 3.Purposeful Organization 4.Engaging Introduction 5.Meaningful Examples 6.Ample Explanation 7.Clear Transitions 8.Memorable Conclusion 9.Audience Awareness 10.Sophisticated Sentence Structure 11.Careful Editing and Proofreading 12.Adherence to MLA conventions What to avoid: •Using Webster (or some other dictionary) to define for you •Using generalities or unclear examples •Listing examples without explaining or providing analysis •Using only quotes or material given in this essay prompt





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