Management Information System,

Consider the situation of a company that has two offices at physically separated sites. Suppose each office has a group of 15 computers.



If the two offices are retail art galleries, what is likely to be the most common type of interoffice communication? Given your answer, what type of WAN do you think is most appropriate?

Suppose the two offices are manufacturing sites that communicate via email and that regularly exchange large drawings and plans. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of the four WAN types for these offices? Under what circumstances would you recommend a leased-line WAN?

Suppose the two offices are the same as described in part b, but that in addition each has salespeople on the road who need to connect to the office computers. How would your answers to part b change?

Would you change your answer to part c if both offices are located in the same building? Why or why not?

What additional factors would you need to consider if one of the offices in part c was in Los Angeles and the other was located in Singapore?





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