How are children with autism impacted culturally by their parents, teachers, and government funding?

1. How are autistic children impacted socially, educationally, and developmentally? Answer and elaborate with shortage of special staff, school district short on money, the dsm changing their definition of autism to give out less money.
2. what stigmas attached to parents? high maintenance parents with high demand for resources versus low maintenance parents who are burnt out. It’s crucial that parents and teachers work together. It’s helpful when parents and therapist work together to put together a goal for the child.
3. how are they impacted educationally? Not enough therapist for one on one with children who have severe autism. Government putting financial caps on more programs. teachers don’t know how to modify materials to allow for success.
4. how are they socially impaired? Judgment on suttle things and social criteria skills they need to succeed.

elaborate with research and use when necessary in supporting research in the paper.




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