The Global Norths Effect on Global Sustainability

For this assignment i will be looking at the the global north and there effects on the rest of the world, the paper must look at the social, economic and environmental costs in which countries like the USA are having on other countries in this world, example global south.

attached i have added course syllabus, assignment information, as well as a list of course reading in which we have looked at through the course.

i would like to try and keep the report close to the proposal, but if you can think of a better approach then i am open to a change.

in her notes shown at the bottom of the proposal before the work cited, she would like us to link it to a class theory she recommended neoliberalism but again up to you on what you feel comfortable writing about.

i highly appreciate your help and look forward to working with you in completing this assignment. i am generally, and available for night calls if needed.