What should the Mayor of NYC mandate in terms of water conservation measures over the next decade?

What should the Mayor of NYC mandate in terms of water conservation measures over the next decade?
Given your research on ecological footprints: What should the Mayor of NYC mandate in terms of water conservation measures over the next decade? Support your claims by referencing specific ecological footprints and effective practices to preserve vital resources such as water. Some people claim that wasting water is not an issue in NYC since we have sufficient quantities of water stored in reservoirs. What would you say to this person? Would you agree or disagree?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Composites

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of composites

Chemical Resistance
Consolidated Parts and Function
Corrosion Resistance
Design Flexibility
High Flexural Modulus to Carry Demanding Loads
High Impact Strength
High Performance at Elevated Temperatures
Heat Resistance
Naturally Flame Retardant
Creep Resistance
Mechanical Property Retention
Superior Thermal Stability
Lighter Weight than Metal
Lower Costs vs. Die Cast
Low Petrochemical content
Better cost stability than commodities
Lower Cost per Cubic Inch as compared to Thermoplastics
Molded-in Color
Molded in inserts
Outstanding Electrical Insulation
Arc and Track Resistance
Ability to Quench


Environmental Autobiography

Environmental Autobiography
Use information from the readings, DVDs, and your past assignments (specifically, your short paragraphs on of your own personal values and views toward nature and natural landscapes developed in each lesson) to develop your own “Environmental Autobiography.

This assignment helps you achieve the following lesson objective:
To identify images of important landscapes (e.g., parks, playgrounds, etc.) in one’s past.
To further develop your own values toward nature/landscapes.
To write an “Environmental Autobiography”.
Prepare an “Environmental Autobiography.”
All of us carry the images and values of childhood landscapes; those environments we encountered, smelled, listened to, explored, and valued during our younger years. The images of these environments affect us in numerous and sometimes subtle ways. Understanding one’s own environmental history provides insight to one’s current environmental values and ideal landscapes. The memorable landscapes of childhood and youth may directly shape adult values by influencing one’s interpretation of current environments.
Identify one or two outdoor environments from your childhood and youth (between birth and 17 years of age) that are important to your own value system and/or are associated with fond memories. Integrating ideas from at least two different class readings.Write an essay depicting important and valued meanings you associate with environments of your past. Briefly identify the environment in both objective (e.g., Where is it? What did you do there?) and subjective (e.g., How did you feel in it?) terms. The major portion of the essay should be an explanation of your personal environmental meanings that applies conceptual material from class.
Submission Requirements
In this assignment, you are required to develop an “Environmental Autobiography” which allows you the opportunity to express your own personal views and values toward nature and natural landscapes.
The paper should include a cover page. If citations are used, they should be given to all references used throughout the text (APA format). Quotations taken from other sources should be clearly designated with the use of quotation marks. All papers should be double spaced, 12 point font (Calibri, Arial, Garamond or Times New Roman) with 1 inch margins. The text of the paper should be at least 5 pages and no more than 7 pages in length excluding the cover page and reference page.
This assignment is worth 100 points.

The Global Norths Effect on Global Sustainability

For this assignment i will be looking at the the global north and there effects on the rest of the world, the paper must look at the social, economic and environmental costs in which countries like the USA are having on other countries in this world, example global south.

attached i have added course syllabus, assignment information, as well as a list of course reading in which we have looked at through the course.

i would like to try and keep the report close to the proposal, but if you can think of a better approach then i am open to a change.

in her notes shown at the bottom of the proposal before the work cited, she would like us to link it to a class theory she recommended neoliberalism but again up to you on what you feel comfortable writing about.

i highly appreciate your help and look forward to working with you in completing this assignment. i am generally, and available for night calls if needed.

Climate Change ­-Broecker’s Great Ocean Conveyor

Part 2 – The Essay
Submission: Via Turnitin and hard copies to be placed in the GEB011 drop­box in the Wallace Building basement.
GEB011 Assessment Component: 40%
You will write a 1000 word essay on your chosen topic.
Your essay should be structured with an introduction, which contains an overview of the wider topic, a middle, which should describe in detail the observation/piece of technology/theory in the title and how this fits within the wider science, and a conclusions section. Your conclusions should include a statement on whether or not further discoveries are needed and are likely in your lifetime.
Essay writing tips and rules
• Written in the third person (no ‘I’)
• Your essay should include images, maps, or graphs, which are referenced to and used in the
text (remember, a picture says 1000 words – and no, that doesn’t mean you can just submit an image!). You can cross reference to your images/maps/graphs by giving each one a number (and caption) and referring to that ‘figure’ number. For example:
“… Figure 1 shows a map of the study area, and indicates that…”
“…The overall trend in the data is a decline from 1950 to 1990 (figure 1)…”
• Every statement should be justified and needed and should not just be a collection of facts. Don’t leave the reader thinking “and?” or “why?”; it should demonstrate that not only do you have a good grasp of the topic, but also that you can pull together lots of different sources of information and formulate your own conclusions from it.
• You should include references to peer reviewed literature that is relevant to your argument, and reproduce that information in your own words. PLEASE NOTE THAT SHOULD TURNITIN INDICATE A SIMILARITY SCORE GREATER THAN 20%, YOUR ESSAY WILL BE REVIEWED BY THE UNFAIR PRACTICE OFFICER AND A PENALTY MAY BE APPLIED. You should paraphrase other peoples’ written work, not quote or copy.
• Literature may include the use of key text books (check out the recommended reading), or may be found via on­line databases or search engines e.g. Google Scholar (just type ‘Scholar’ into the search bar), Web of Knowledge (which can be found at http://wok.mimas.ac.uk/), or looking through bibliographies and reference lists in key textbooks or existing articles.
• Every idea or concept that is not your own should be backed up by a citation. In general, you can approach this by one of three ways:
▪ It is widely accepted that … (e.g., Smith et al., 1991; Andrews and Peters, 2004) ▪ Sea­level during the previous interglacial may have been up to 5m higher than the
present­day (Fred et al., 2004), based upon studies of x and y, and therefore ….
▪ Based upon evidence from x and y…. Fred et al. (2004) suggest that sea­level, during
the previous interglacial, may have been up to 5m higher than the present­day. Therefore…
• You won’t be marked down for this if you get this wrong, so don’t worry, but as a useful hint, et al. is latin for ‘and others’, and since it is Latin it should always be italicised. It is also an abbreviation, and therefore, should be followed by a full stop. Furthermore, et al. is plural, therefore Smith et al. ‘have’, not ‘has’.
• Be consistent with your referencing style. You should provide a full reference list at the end of your work and you should use the Harvard Style or APA.libraries/subjectinformation/ and download the link on the right hand side of the page.
Aims and Objectives/Learning Outcomes
• To understand how to effectively use the library and to find the information that you
• To learn how to cite information in an appropriate manner;
• To enhance your essay writing skills;
• To cement your understanding of key topics taught in GEB011
I ordered one before (81550434) for the same topic .. you can choose
whether to paraphrase the last order to me or to write another essay..
i will upload the last order and the question.
my order number was 81550434
you can use the same citation and references

Climate change, Economy and Human Society

The total pages of the research paper is 6-8, I have already finished almost 3 pages. Please follow the main idea of the first 3 pages to continue the last 4 pages and please correct those grammar mistakes for those 3 pages that I have wrote. The grammar needs to be simple. The main thesis of this paper is the relationship between climate change (environmental issue) and the economy or society. The most important thing make the whole research paper smooth, and there won’t have any gap between the first 3 pages (I wrote) and the last 4 pages. You can change anything of the first 3 pages which was written by me, if it’s necessary.

working environments

The best companies to work for around the world are places where employees are excited to go to every day. Every year, business magazines like Fortune and Forbes have lists of the best companies to work for. These lists are based on certain criteria related to the working environments of these companies.
Select an organization known to be a good place to work for. Discuss the reasons that make this organization such a great place to work for. In your discussion, elaborate on the culture, leadership, career development, motivation, engagement and retention strategies followed by this organization.
General instructions for students:
This TMA should be written by students individually.
TMA weight: 20% of total course grade.
Cut-off date: December 15, 2015.
Plagiarism: It’s imperative that you write your answer using your own words. Plagiarism will be penalized depending on its severity and according to AOU plagiarism policy.
Format: you are expected to write your answer in an essay format: introduction, body paragraph(s) and a conclusion. Failing to do so could result in the deduction of up to 4 marks from your total TMA mark.
Word count: your answer is expected to be within the specified word count range. Not adhering to specified word count could result in the deduction of up to 4 marks of your total TMA mark.
Referencing: You are expected to use the Harvard referencing style for in-text referencing and list of reference at the end. Failing to do so could result in the deduction of up to 4 marks of your total TMA mark.
E-library: You are expected to use E-library sources to support your answers. A minimum of 3 sources is required. Failing to do so could result in the deduction of up to 4 marks of your total TMA mark.

Global Environmental Issues

Directions: Your essay should be no more than 1500 words in length
(approximately six typed pages). Use the APSA Style (which is modified
Chicago Style).
The Political Context for Resolving Environmental Issues
Based on any of the required readings in the course.
Responding to the Readings
The global context for resolving environmental problems is fraught with legacy
issues. The organization of land and oceans into sovereign territories jealously
guarded by nation-states, the young confederation of global political
institutions, and the difference between rich and poor countries are all part of
the context. Select an energy problem and location. After describing the
environmental controversy relating to this energy source, propose a long-term
political solution. Be sure to discuss the domestic and global aspects of
structural and ideological components in this solution.
Your response will be evaluated according to the parsimony of the solution you
develop, i.e. presenting a solution that is practical is more important than
developing a unique political situation. As in theater, relying on a deus ex
machina for the instantaneous resolution of your problem is the lazy way out of
the scene. Engage the messy human behaviors that emerge when resources
are in short supply, and access to formerly wide avenues for acquiring wealth is
You should isolate your consideration to a single country, or at most a single
region. You should demonstrate mastery of the reading by including a
quotation from nearly all of the authors of the required texts (this involves a
sample of the chapter authors edited by Oates, not the majority).

The impact of global warming on automobile exhaust

“The term paper will be 1500 – 2000 words in length, and
due on Friday, December 4. The topic will be chosen by
the student, but approved by the instructor.” (from syllabus)
Should report information and ideas beyond what was
covered in class. Should be well written, and present a clear
point of view or argument.
Does not necessarily have to involve chemistry, if a more
political or sociological approach is preferred.
Plagiarism is unacceptable!
– if reproducing text from a source, put it separately in
quotation marks, and reference the source.
Should include at least 3 references (any source, but not
just Wikipedia!).
– Must be referenced in text as citations (do not just list
as a bibliography)
– Can use any citation system, just be consistent (e.g.
ACS, APA, CSE (Biology?)…)
Grammar, style important
Good introduction and conclusion; clear thesis statement
Term papers will be graded on:
 introduction, conclusion
 spelling, grammar
 research
 style, presentation
 content, thoroughness
 references/bibliography
You should have your topic by now, and begin
working on your paper!!!!

Solution-Focused Risk Assessment”: A Proposal for the Fusion of Environmental Analysis and Action

The ‘points for focus’ suggestions are illustrative rather than mandatory. Consider how they might help you–but also try to be inventive and raise your own issues!
This document give advice or make proposals for improved practice. Your objective is to understand the advice and any reasons given for it, and critically analyse the value of that advice.
Dissertations are not normally based on proposals for practice, but they can include proposals for practice if those ideas are then tested in some way. For example, you might have an idea for a better way to ask people for a particularly type of estimate, and you could test that by getting people to make those estimates in your suggested way and in other ways

Read the journal“Solution-Focused Risk Assessment”: A Proposal
for the Fusion of Environmental Analysis and Action
Summarise the paper.
– Which particular process and country is Finkel focusing on?
– What are the main problems that Finkel sees with the existing approach?
– What were the main reasons that things are done the way they currently are?
– What is he proposing instead and how exactly would things be different, according to Finkel?
– What does his aeroplane pain example show?

Critically analyse the paper.
– Are there any significant mistakes his Finkel’s reasoning?
– Where would his SFRA be at its most advantageous compared to the current approach?
– Where would it be least suitable?
– What, if anything, is new about Finkel’s proposals?

Hint: Keep in mind that Finkel is talking about EPA decisions specifically, not all of risk management.