Kurdish adult L2 learner’s acquisition of English verbal inflectional morphology (past tense ed) “please look at the order description and your email address for detailed instructions”

Order Description

Please I want you to write my dissertation in a high quality. So please follow the instructions

• Send me the pdf file of the references or the available link of the references

• go in depth of the topic and avoid repetition and digression

• Reference in-text with page number

• Use more journals than books


Information about dissertation

Please write an argumentative dissertation and discuss about “Kurdish adult L2 learner’s acquisition of English verbal inflectional morphology (past tense ed)” you can find more information about challenging Kurdish L2 learners of English in the research proposal that is in the second word attachment.



• I have 10 participants; I will send you the transcription of the spoken tests of the 10 participants and test the the participants.

• the dissertation should consist of 5 chapters: introduction, literature review, methodology, results, analysis and discussion and finally the conclusion.

• Use a list of figures and abbreviations for the dissertation.

• By 14/04/2014 I want you to finish the introduction and literature review.

• And finishing the methodology by 19/05/2014. Around (700) words which for the introduction that should consist of general background about the topic, problem statement, significance of the study, research questions and hypothesis.

• The literature review should be around 5000 words and consist of some subtopics according to your effective research about the study.

• I will send you extra information after meeting my supervisor about the methodology and collecting data whether I need to use ANOVA or paired t-test, whatever my supervisor agrees.

• And please I want you to give me two months for asking revision, just in case if my supervisor does not agree with some points of the tasks of the dissertation that you are going to write about.

Our dissertations will be judged according the following conditions:

“A” is the highest grade and “F” is the lowest grade

Aspect of the submitted work Quality of individual aspects of the work

A B C D E F n/a

Concept, argument and structure

Critical discussion of literature


Writing style, spelling and grammar

Followed assignment instructions, formatting and departmental referencing guidelines