Song Lyric Analysis

Analyze 3 songs – “Blank Space”, “Malibu”, and “The Climb”. You do not have to choose from the website unless the other songs are too difficult to analyze. Read the lyrics and explain the artist’s overall message. Then select 2 literary devices to analyze per song and explain. Copy the lyric which is the example of your device. Make sure to relate each literary device to the artist’s overall message.

Casual Analysis. Why do females require larger amounts of iron in comparison to males?

Essay #1: Causal Analysis The first essay for this semester is an exercise in causal analysis. As we have been discussing in class, analysis is the process of examining the way(s) things work in order to reach a greater understanding, and a causal analysis allows us a chance to observe the causes, effects or both of some subject in order to better understand those elements. For this essay, your task will be to construct an analysis that examines something for its causes, effects, or both. There is nothing you can choose that is not important enough for this essay, as it is important to you personally. The only topical restrictions are that your essay must be kept both clean and its content must be legal; essays laden with profanity and/or focusing on illegal or illicit activities are not acceptable. In order to be successful from a rhetorical standpoint, this essay must demonstrate the various aspects of the causal analysis mode that we have covered in class. You are free to choose any topic for this essay that interests you (except for the topics listed on the Banned List section of the syllabus). It is not necessary for you to have your topic approved by me, but if you want to talk about your ideas for a topic, don’t hesitate to bring it to my attention. You need to construct a thorough analysis as opposed to just something superficial, so one key step is coming to a topic that you feel you will be able to sustain for the requisite work of the essay. Remember that your essay, in addition to being written in a fashion which displays command and understanding of the language, must also display the elements we have been covering in class as being parts of a successful causal analysis. All papers should be typed in Times New Roman, 10-12 point font and be double-spaced with one-inch margins on all sides. ALTERATIONS TO THESE GUIDELINES WILL RESULT IN GRADE PENALTIES. Headings must include your name, course title, date and essay number (1, 4, 3, etc.).The length of all required essays is between 2 ½ to 3 pages, and failure to meet this minimum requirement will result in grade penalties. Times New Roman 10-12 point font. Double Spaced. 1 inch margins. MLA style. 750 words or 2.5-3 pages.

Should college athletes get paid

The purpose of this assignment is to complete your academic argumentative research paper. Description: In this assignment, you will first write your conclusion; then, you will write your abstract. The following components are requirements of the assignment: •Conclusion (150-200 words): ◦Revisit the controversy. ◦Emphasize the seriousness of the controversy. ◦Answer the “So what?” question. ◦Suggest a general solution (optional). ◦Call for awareness/action. ◦Leave the reader with a final thought. •Abstract (200 words or less): For this assignment, you may not exceed 200 words. ◦Restatement of the controversy (one to two sentences) ◦Your thesis (one sentence) ◦Reasons (three to four sentences) ◦Conclusion sentence (one sentence) •Add the conclusion and abstract to the rest of your paper so that you are turning in a complete research paper. The paper should include all of the following components (in order): ◦Title page ◦Abstract ◦Introduction ◦Literature review ◦Body paragraphs ◦Conclusion ◦References page I am including the paper that I want this part of the assignment added to. Just add the abstract and conclusion were it goes in this paper. .

Marvel of Plant 4 — Reflection Paper

Marvel of Plant 4 — Reflection Paper

1. What 2 things are most surprising to you in the story of Plant 4 in Muscatine? 2. Using Goleman’s 5 principles of Emotional Intelligence in leadership, indicate where you see 2 of them coming into play in the Plant 4 case. 3. Based on what you know about Plant 4, how much would you like (or not like) to work there? Why? See all files attached

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English class: compare and contrast essay, 500 words

compare and contrast essay, 500 words 

Instructions: The essay will compare and contrast three people in HL: Rebecca Skloot, Henrietta, and one of the doctors/scientists, noting the similarities and differences between a set of two or more characters.

Write a short introduction and thesis statement (We have not discussed introductions yet, so just do the best you can with it). Strategies for drafting an introduction, pages 28–30 (1e);Where in The Bedford Handbook will you find advice about drafting a thesis statement? Pages 19–25 (1c)

*Write three body paragraphs: one about each person. Be sure each paragraph has a topic sentence and is about 5-6 sentences long. Be sure to use examples from the book to support your topic sentences. See Thesis statements and quote integration for instructions about how to prepare a thesis statement and to cite quotes in MLA format. Use the MLA formatted Word document located under Start Here. WARNING: Do not use online citation generators for MLA format. The generators are often incorrect.

Matthew Arnold’s poem “Dover beach”.

One of the most significant of many literary allusions in Fahrenheit 451 occurs when Montage reads Matthew Arnold’s poem “Dover beach.” what is the response of Mildred’s friends, and why does Montage kick them out of his house?

Ronowicz and Yallop’s English

Please write responses to the following three questions related to what you have read in Ronowicz and Yallop’s English: One Language, Different Cultures and/or the articles we have used on the course. You are welcome to bring in information from additional reliable sources and please add references at all times and please remember to analyse, not to summarise or review the issues at hand.
Today’s task is to write a 1-3 page individual take-home exam in which you are supposed to
• show your ability to account for and discuss culture and societal aspects of English-speaking countries within a historical context,
• discuss, analyse and compare various aspects of society and culture in English-speaking countries.
Formatting instructions: 12 p New Times Roman, 1,5 line space, 2 centimetre margins. Write your name, course code and year as well as your civic ID number in the top left-hand corner. Write as grammatically and stylistically correct as you can!
The following questions/assignments are to be responded to/analysed (all three within the 3-page limit):
1. Please outline two reasons for Brexit and draw parallels to relevant passages in Ronowicz and Yallop’s English: One Language, Different Cultures and/or the articles we have used on the course.
2. Please discuss the pros and cons of a written, legally binding constitution (based on the course reading).
3. Briefly discuss the endo-normative as well as exo-normative status of English in New Zealand, Kenya and Canada respectively. Please draw on the course material for references.

English Language Learners Classroom Observation Using The Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol

For this assignment, observe, and assess at least one lesson involving ELLs using the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) checklist in Sheltered Content Instruction: Teaching English Learners with Diverse Abilities.

Submit a copy of the checklist with a 250-word reflection on this experience. Address the following questions in your reflection:
1.Were the students aware of the class language and content objectives?
2.How did the teacher instruct the content and language objectives?
3.What type of student group configurations were used? How many different types of student configurations were used?
4.How did the teacher accommodate for different (English Language Programs ) ELP levels?

The Arguable Claim Letter

Technical Writing

The Arguable Claim Letter

Choose one of the following writing options. This is an exercise in writing an arguable claim letter. Review the Toulmin and spacing illustrations for the arguable claim letter . You will need to include Toulmin elements of argumentation in this letter, and this letter must be formatted exactly like the illustration in the book.

It should be composed in block format.

• Option 1 – As a student, write an arguable claim letter about a problem you’ve had with the quality of your coursework, campus safety, or goods or services offered by the college.  State your case clearly and objectively, and request a specific adjustment. Compose your letter in a separate word doc.

• Option 2 – Write an arguable claim letter about a problem you’ve had with goods or services from a specific business. State your case clearly and objectively, and request a specific adjustment. Compose your letter in a separate word doc.

Format Requirements:
Typeface: Ariel
Font Size: 12 point
Margins: 1” top/bottom; left, right, 1.25”