Media Economics and Audience Measurement

Topic: Media Economics and Audience Measurement
Answer any one question 350 to 400 hundred words and any other question about 100 to 150 words
1. The importance of ratings to TV news has generated news programming aimed at giving people what they want in such programming. Should stations/networks give us the news we want or the news we need? Think about the content of news and illustrate your answer.
2. Think about your favorite RTV shows; in particular, shows which have been cancelled for poor ratings. What factors in the shows (be specific) might have changed that situation?
3. Illustrate (if you can) how the content of TV programming at the network level has changed given the reality of increased competition and greater audience fragmentation.
4. Discuss briefly how little, or how much, you watch local or network TV and the reasons for your particular behavior in that regard. How is your viewing different now from the past?
5. Identify your favorite RTV commercial; identify the audience its intended for and why it works to hold your attention, etc.
6. Identify the worst RTV commercial you’ve seen; identify its target audience and why it aggravates but still continues to be on the air.
7. Before you go to sleep tonight, think about the ad messages you’ve seen today and which ones you specifically remember. Research says that you’ve “seen” or “heard” nearly 3,000 such messages; bet you can’t name more than 20 that you recall. That’s the advertising problem of “breaking through” the clutter that exists in the advertising/media world.