international trade law

Topic: international trade law
The topic must have substantial international trade law content, although discussion of trade policy and practice can also be included.
1) “Customs Unions and Free Trade Areas were seen by the drafters of GATT as likely to lead to the growth of free trade. In practice, GATT Article XXIV has been allowed to create a form of regional protectionism.” Do you agree? Illustrate your discussion by particular reference either to the European Union, or to an FTA or Customs Union of which your own country is a member.
My country is Sultanate of Oman and sign FTA with USA along that its part of the Gulf Corporation Council GCC and share the same customs law with the other 5 gulf countries.
The structure may be -you are free to change it- as the following:
FTA Customs unions
Customs unions
Oman trade policy