Amores peruse might be seen as an extended allegory of the neoliberal transformation/monetising of Mexico’s economy with the creation the North American Free Trade Association and the temporary eclipse of the Partido de la revolution institutional (PRI).


Discuss how Gonzalez Inarritu’s film illustrates this thesis using precise details of the film to support your argument.

Think about
Firstly – judge what has the film to do with neoliberalism…
reflecting what neoliberalism?
Consider there is a question on how do we tell stories,which in some ways are not really formed yet. You can’t take a picture of the economic system.
You might be able to take pictures of the consequence.

Look at the opening scene of the car case

Look at the characters of how and what they could reflect – the man with the dogs/ might reflect the ghost of the past of the radicalism / the boy represents of the criminal informal economy – dog fight / the model represent as the new/fashion not industrial economy….

all the stories are linked into the crash.

Crash is also used as economic cash – metaphor –

the dogs are some kind of currency –

drama is about conflict – but it also about changing –

looking on to the ending how does it end how does it effect.

is there an allegory? consider that!
is this film might echo

the cash of privation
the crash of deregulation
the cash of new economies