Mining Existing Literature Reviews

3 dissertation topics related to your own dissertation research.
Using each literature review construct an outline Using Headings as roman numerals and the subheading as capital letters in the outline.
Compile a single list of the authors you see cited in each literature review and identify the topics on which each is writing. Use a table that identifies the author in one colum and a broad topic in a second column.

Write a brief summary 125-250 words of the literature reviews you mined to submit along with the outlines and author/topic list that you created. ADDRESS the following:
1. What do you notice about the organization of the literature review of the three dissertations?Are they organized chronologically, thematically, or in some other form if other, identify)? Why might the researcher have chosen this organizational structure? How do these themes relate to your dissertation topic. My topic is something along the line of : Differences in the performance of certificate, diploma, and associate degrees in Medical Assisting