: conduct a qualitative investigation

conduct a qualitative investigation leading to production of a data collection instrument.

The data collection instrument should be aligned to your research area and be focused on assisting you to gather qualitative data.

first you must explain the research area, what’s literature in it, and why these methodologies I am using? what’s their weakness and strength.

please note that I will upload a file that will you must re-write with your own way which explains what it should be done but you must add some extra notes

What are the key characteristics of qualitative research?

What types of problems are best suited for qualitative inquiry?

What research skills are required to undertake this type of research?

How do researchers design a qualitative study?

What types of ethical issues need to be anticipated during the process of research?

What is a model structure for a plan or proposal for a qualitative study?

How does all of this relate to your research area and research questions?