Topic: Forensic psychology – Risk assessment management

Topic: Forensic psychology – Risk assessment management

Lucas is a 47 year old white male who has been convicted of assault. This is not his first conviction for a violent offence and he has recently begun a term of incarceration which is scheduled to last 4 years. Drawing on relevant theory and empirical evidence, plan how Lucas’s risk of reoffending may be managed, paying particular attention to his status as a repeat offender.

Summary – 150 words

Description of risk factors (must have 3-7 risk factors) – 400-450 words

Risk assessment (must have researches,evidence based) – 400-450 words

Intervention – 400-450 words

Follow-up period (How long does the offender, Lucas, need it? How can we follow up this risk assessment management plan? Will it work? If he does it again, how much damage can he cause?)– 50-70 words

conclusion-50 words