Topic: Individual Report

Topic: Individual Report

Please select one of the subjects below as your individual coursework brief. Report format only

1. “Food retailers need to retain their flexibility and responsiveness to consumer needs. This is not because there is a threat from newcomers because the barriers to entry are very high, rather it is because a small loss in sales volumes can have a significant impact on profitability “(Mintel 2010).Identify a supermarket currently operating in the UK and assess the market environment they currently trade in. Consider all aspects of their strategy and how they are responding to their customer’s changing tastes and buying behaviour in such a competitive market to maintain or increase market share.

2. “There are several advantages to a retailer’s enacting a multi-channel approach, including the selection of specific channels based upon their unique strengths, opportunities to leverage assets, and opportunities for increased sales and profits by appealing to multi-channel shoppers” (Berman et al. 2010, p.174).

Select a non-food retailer operating in the UK who has adopted additional sales channels to maintain or increase their market share. Provide analysis of their strategy and motivations for creating additional sales channels, and how his has affected their overall market position. Remember the customer is key, so how have they adapted their channel strategy to suit their changing behaviours.

Please also ensure that you have fully referenced your reports and have used the APA6th Referencing system as required by the University. A copy of the PDF outlining the use of this system is available on Learning Resources.