Q2 How do innovations get here?

Please select one of the following questions and prepare a 2000 word essay (-/+10%). You should make use of photographs to illustrate the focus of your assignment (maximum of 3 images).
Learning Outcomes Assessed:
1. demonstrate an understanding of the complex nature of innovation;
2. explain the concept of organisational innovation in terms of realist, constructivist and relativist theories of knowledge production;
3. evaluate approaches to innovation as product and process.
Essay Questions:
Q1 Where do innovations come from?
-Drawing from concepts associated with the Social Construction of Technology you should discuss the effect of social groups during a period of interpretive flexibility for at least one innovation.
Q2 How do innovations get here?
-Drawing from concepts associated with Technological Determinism you should
discuss the elements of diffusion following the adoption of at least one innovation.
To answer the question you should consider one innovation discussed during seminars (see below):
-Innovations discussed in seminars. Solar Panels; Contactless Payment; Self-scanning Technology; Energy Saving Light Bulbs; Genetically Modified Organisms; 3D Printing.
Further Guidance :
-Photographs: Use photographs to guide your reader. You may wish to discuss different aspects of your chosen innovation, alternatively you may wish to consider a closely related innovation.
note: answer only one question and I prefer it to be the second question, and the innovation to pick is the Contactless Payment, maximum of 3 images.
I will also upload hints and tips from the module tutor.