Gun control

Using the example of the gun issue, analyze the roles of interest groups, political parties, and campaign finance in the political process. Write a 1,250-word essay, particularly considering the relationship between large campaign contributions and federal policy and legislation. Search online to explore news stories such as Washington Post, March 28, 2013, “Top donors threaten Dems: Do the right thing on guns, or no more money”; the New York Times, April 15, 2014, “Bloomberg Plans a $50 Million Challenge to the NRA”; and The Hill, April 12, 2014, “NRA Endorses McConnell in KY. Primary.” Visit to examine gun control and gun rights interest groups’ ratings of candidates. To assist in your analysis, search and select two interest groups on opposite sides of the gun issue. Identify each group’s top recipient of contributions. Examine the legislation sponsored by each of those candidates.