Stephen King, On Writing A Memoir of the Craft Only on Section: C.V.

Stephen King, On Writing A Memoir of the Craft Only on Section: C.V.
This is a non-fiction text, but it often reads like a novel. To tell his story, King uses literary elements and techniques (i.e., imagery, dialogue, figurative language) which we often associate with fictional pieces. Identify three passages in which King uses such elements/techniques effectively. Explain the elements/techniques he uses and why they are effective. Please include the page numbers for the passages discussed.

Breathing Underwater Book Project

Breathing Underwater Book Project

Option 1 is write a poem. Write a one page poem underlining the main themes and characters in the book. The poem must be written electronically and a hard copy must be provided. Type out your connections to the book in a separate document including page numbers! Option 3 is find or write a song. Find a song with lyrics that relate to the main themes and characters in the book, – OR – Write a song about the story the book is  “Breathing Underwater”

Book Analysis


Select a non-fiction book related to gangs. You will write an analysis of the book in 500-750 words. Be sure to give information about the book you select. Your analysis needs to address the following: – What is the author’s argument? – What information does the author provide to support his/her argument? – Is the information convincingly supportive of the argument? – How does this book compare with other criminal justice books you might have read? – How does the book read, taking into consideration style elements such as word choice, sentence structure, paragraph construction, and overall organization? – How do these style elements affect the clarity with which the author communicates his/her ideas? Give examples. – Would you recommend this book to other classes? Write the review in 500-750 words in a Word document in APA style.

Designing a Newsletter

Designing a Newsletter
Designing a Newsletter: (Be sure to also read the section on How To Write A Statement of Purpose)

A newsletter is designed first to inform an audience. Your assignment is to
1) create an Statement of Purpose (S.O.P ) for the newsletter and
2) write a one page newsletter with at least four headings with four paragraphs covering topics related to a specific organization or business.

Write a newsletter for an organization or business you are familiar with.. If you were creating a newsletter for the XYZ Real Estate Company you may consider including:

1) a paragraph on the local housing market conditions with a bold heading that reads: First Quarter Housing Sales.

2) a paragraph on insulating around windows and doors with a heading that reads: Preparing Your Home for Winter.

3) a paragraph on interest rates and new types of bank loans.

4) a paragraph on new technology in the firm which offers easier methods for the company to reach clients. i.e. a new Facebook page with helpful tips on buying, selling and caring for your home.

The primary audience in the Statement of Purpose might be XYZ past clients..

When designing a newsletter remember to include the following:
1) A title or name of the organization or company at the top of the newsletter . It’s a good idea to include a logo if one exists – although this is not required. Some organization also have a slogan which you could include at the bottom of the newsletter.

2) A date (most newsletters are produced monthly or quarterly) at the top of the page.

3) An interesting photo or graphic to attract attention and interest. Don’t overload the one page newsletter with too many photos or graphics. The document is primarily text.

4) Bold short headings to capture the audience attention and prepare the reader for each paragraph

5) A signature closing sometimes helps personalize the letter; signed by the C.E.O, manager, or director of a company or organization.

Remember the purpose of the newsletter is first to inform a specific audience, however the newsletter also serves to promote the business or organization through providing helpful information..

The newsletter may be constructed with one, two or three columns and should not be longer the one page (front only)

You may choose any organization or business: This assignment is more enjoyable if you have knowledge about the organization or business. You might consider creating a newsletter for a club, group, organization, church or business which you are familiar with. You will be graded on how well you assemble and construct the newsletter and how well the newsletter adheres to the four parts of the Statement of Purpose.

Environmental Autobiography

Environmental Autobiography
Use information from the readings, DVDs, and your past assignments (specifically, your short paragraphs on of your own personal values and views toward nature and natural landscapes developed in each lesson) to develop your own “Environmental Autobiography.

This assignment helps you achieve the following lesson objective:
To identify images of important landscapes (e.g., parks, playgrounds, etc.) in one’s past.
To further develop your own values toward nature/landscapes.
To write an “Environmental Autobiography”.
Prepare an “Environmental Autobiography.”
All of us carry the images and values of childhood landscapes; those environments we encountered, smelled, listened to, explored, and valued during our younger years. The images of these environments affect us in numerous and sometimes subtle ways. Understanding one’s own environmental history provides insight to one’s current environmental values and ideal landscapes. The memorable landscapes of childhood and youth may directly shape adult values by influencing one’s interpretation of current environments.
Identify one or two outdoor environments from your childhood and youth (between birth and 17 years of age) that are important to your own value system and/or are associated with fond memories. Integrating ideas from at least two different class readings.Write an essay depicting important and valued meanings you associate with environments of your past. Briefly identify the environment in both objective (e.g., Where is it? What did you do there?) and subjective (e.g., How did you feel in it?) terms. The major portion of the essay should be an explanation of your personal environmental meanings that applies conceptual material from class.
Submission Requirements
In this assignment, you are required to develop an “Environmental Autobiography” which allows you the opportunity to express your own personal views and values toward nature and natural landscapes.
The paper should include a cover page. If citations are used, they should be given to all references used throughout the text (APA format). Quotations taken from other sources should be clearly designated with the use of quotation marks. All papers should be double spaced, 12 point font (Calibri, Arial, Garamond or Times New Roman) with 1 inch margins. The text of the paper should be at least 5 pages and no more than 7 pages in length excluding the cover page and reference page.
This assignment is worth 100 points.


Please look carefully at the assignment requirements below with the specifications numbered 1-3. There is no exception and all bullets must be followed thoroughly to get full points. Please avoid any shortcuts in this assignment.

1. Bullet #1 is fairly self explanatory. The link mentioned on bullet 3 should be at the end of the information presented in bullet #1.

2. This bullet 2 should be specific and follow the bolder underlined specification in the attachment. This querry letter should be at least 1 page long and should keep in line or along the path of paper # 289251 with the journal being something in obstetric and gynecology or along that path since I am in maternity.

3. This bullet (The link) should be attached at the end of bullet 1 in the attachment with outline of expectation.

There should be a querry letter as a separate attachment.

The collaborative discussion for this week is focused on publication.
1. Select and share with us which journal you will submit a manuscript about your DNP scholarly project.
2. Develop a query letter to the editor of the journal you have selected and paste it into this collaborative discussion. The query letter should include: the article idea including its focus, an abstract and outline, length of paper, target date for submission, background of all authors and their qualifications to write on the subject, and the topic’s relevance to nursing today.
3. Also, include a link to the author guidelines for the selected journal.

Draft a memo to the CEO explaining the new international compensation program

You are the total rewards director for a large domestic manufacturing company. The CEO has announced that they will be opening a new foreign production plant next year in Mexico. This new plant needs to be up and running by the deadline set by the CEO. In order to meet that deadline the company must send ten U. S. based employees, including some upper-level managers, to Mexico to get the new plant functional.
The CEO has come to you and asked for you to design a comprehensive and effective international compensation package to encourage the employees selected to take the assignment. Draft a memo to the CEO explaining the new international compensation program. In your memo you will need to describe the exact level of pay and benefits you want to commit to the program. For the purposes of this exercise you can assume that all 10 expatriate positions are equal and the domestic equivalent salary is $80,000. Make sure you indicate which base pay calculation you have chosen and what benefits should be offered. Be as specific as possible and provide references to support your answer.
Your answer should be at least two pages (double spaced) in length and make sure you apply APA format to your assignment

Teachers Assistant Resume

teachers assistant resume
Applying for a job as a Teachers assistant, make this resume look and sound good.Inclusive of the following;-