someone you think is creative, it can be an artist, painter, scientist, businessperson, etc. (real or fictional) and print out a picture of them, and write their name above it, and your name below it.

Write 10-20 lines about the creative person you picked, just a bit of a biography (see below).

Now write 10-20 lines about why you picked them.

Find between 5 and 10 different pictures (photographs or portraits) of your chosen person and write 10 lines about the differences in appearance.

Create a timeline of at least 10 significant events that occurred in your chosen person’s life (or even event’s after they died, e.g. a university or a road got named after them, etc.) Each year will have at least 20 words after it.

Write 40-50 lines about your experience of doing an activity like the creative person does; maybe use the six thinking hats to structure it (overview, facts, positives, negatives, interesting+alternatives, reflections, summary, and conclusions).

Create a powerpoint outlining “How to think like [Your Chosen Person]” with a few slides of an introduction to them, a few slides of biography, and 5-9 things that them did very well that anyone can learn from.