Collate and analyse data from your 20 questionnaires to write a 1,200 word report providing recommendations to your client. Your report should be structured as detailed in the unit. A model report will be available on the QCD210 Blackboard site as a guide only. Refer to this model as you prepare, but do not copy any part into your own report.
As well as explaining to your client why the issue required investigation (Introduction), you must also present and analyse your findings and discuss their significance for your client (Findings and Conclusions) then, based on your conclusions, suggest changes or improvements which QUTIC may put in place to benefit international students (Recommendations). Do not base your report on fabricated data. Include appendix A (modified questionnaire plus survey coversheet) and appendix B (tally sheet).
You must also show evidence of wider reading, using well-­‐incorporated, relevant secondary research to validate your purpose and conclusions.