Does Sugar increase or decrease the concentration in a 5 years old child doing a math test?

2.2 Evaluate the use of different research designs to test a hypothesis. 2.2 Not met – your need to evaluate research designs for this

criteria i.e. independent groups, repeated measures and matched pairs.

2.3 Identify appropriate sampling methods, independent and dependent variables and controls to test a hypothesis. 2.3 Not met – you

need to state your IV and DV, sampling technique used and controls you put in place for your research.

3.1 Identify the ethical principles that apply to the chosen research project. 3.1 Not met. You have touched on ethical principles by

describing how you dealt with working with children. Developmental Point – there are more ethical principles that need to be considered

including consent, confidentiality, right to withdraw etc.

3.2 Explain how to conduct the chosen research project to be compliant with the ethical guidelines. 3.2 Not met. Linked to the above
(Please make the above amendments/additions to your assignment in red type and resubmit with 5 days)