Health Psychology

1. Must be one page, double spaced. The bibliography can be on a second page.
2.clearly and briefly identify and explain the specific problem, its causes and consequences and indicate specific approaches to dealing with the problem.
3.integrate the main ideas of at least five current scientific journal articles from peer reviewed journals into about one to three paragraphs. Do not do an annotated bibliography or summarize each article. Select out only information relevant to your topic and relate this information to the other articles in a concise manner.
4.list relevant resource agencies/individuals you will/ have contacted. Give name, position, agency, contact info (phone number, e-mail address). You need not make contact before writing the proposal.
5.provide a bibliography (use APA style).

(Please keep in mind the final topic is based on below specifications but the current essay is just a page proposal of the final)
Final work is 6 pages

1.Identify a specific problem (not just a topic area). It must be a problem that can be mitigated by the application of theories and research in health psychology. Define your terms and the parameters or limits to which your paper will cover (e.g. if wish to examine the impact of social support on persons with an illness, be clear about what social support means and what specific benefits and/or harms you will explore. If you are unable to find relevant research articles you must modify or change your topic.

2.Find current research and theories to explain the problem, its causes and consequences in a brief and concise manner. Also state the emerging issues or new dimensions related to the problem. Explain and focus on specific approaches and give details on how to DEAL with the problem.

3.Find agencies, organizations, individuals who have specialized training or expertise dealing with the problem (not just persons who have experienced the problem and tried things out). While interviews with the experts are best, other information from such persons or agencies is acceptable (e.g. brochures, Internet sites, e-mails, etc.). If you use an Internet site, you must reference it and provide an explanation within the bibliography as to why this is an authoritative source. Make sure you can describe the specific approaches used and/or how these approaches are applied. Information from these organizations/individuals will enable you to evaluate their efforts in terms of the literature. It is expected that you will interview three such experts.

4.Describe how scientific literature and research might be of assistance to these specialists. Specifically, (a) how would the literature be of use to them? (b) what kinds of research do you suggest health psychology researchersshould do to help these specialists toward their/your goals? (c) from your research can you provide a new or modified solution?

5.Indicate what specialists you contacted at the bottom of the bibliography. Stipulate name, position, agency, and contact information