Leading and empowering self and others

Reflect on what you learned this week about empowerment in organizations (Chapter 18). In this week’s YouTube video we look at empowerment and

discuss differences between empowerment and control. What are your thoughts about the video and its message? If empowerment is so effective, why

don’t we see more of it in the workplace? APA format.
NOTE: Remember that your discussion response must include the following:
1. A reflection on the concept we are discussing. Give us a summary of things you learned about this concept from your assigned chapter

2. A thorough example/discussion to support your reflection.
3. A final statement that tells us what you take away from this week’s lesson.
4. Properly formatted in-text citations and references.
5. Strong grammar, spelling, and mechanics.
6. In total your discussion should be at least 275 words.

Reading material: Chapter 18: Leading and Empowering Self and Others
Video:How Leaders Empower, When Managers Control.

Textbook: Interpersonal Skills in Organizations
Author: Suzanne C. De Janasz; Karen O. Dowd; Beth Z. Schneider
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education