Benchmark – Case Study: PLAAFP and Annual Goals

Read the case study to inform the assignment that follows.

Case Study: Alicia

6th grade, Age 11

Alicia is a sixth grade student currently receiving resource support for math and written expression. She attends all other subjects

within the general education classroom.

Her special education teacher, Ms. Kauffmann, reports that Alicia has average reading decoding skills and average to above average reading

comprehension skills. She particularly does well analyzing multiple choice and short answer questions related to reading content. Alicia

does have difficulty summarizing what she has read using her own thoughts and ideas and relies heavily on visual supports to aid in


Alicia does write complete sentences but struggles in organizing her ideas for writing and needs extensive support for pre-writing,

development of topic sentences, and organization of essays. In writing short answer questions, she does so with few grammatical errors.

When writing paragraphs and short essays, Alicia needs help editing her own work and making corrections. Punctuation errors are frequently

evident. She has excellent spelling skills, but struggles with subject-verb agreement, correct use of point of view appropriate to the

task, and in the development of thesis statements and topic sentences.

Regarding her math skills, Alicia struggles specifically with computation and reasoning/problem solving. In class, Alicia shows difficulty

in writing number sentences to solve a story problem, and in determining the operations to use. She relies on a calculator for all math

computation and benefits from extensive one-on-one support in math problem solving. She also struggles with converting fractions to

decimal notation and applying math concepts to real world situations.

The most recent psycho-educational evaluation report for Alicia is in her Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement scores.

The Woodcock Johnson III Tests of Achievement is a norm-referenced assessment that evaluates academic skills in the areas of reading,

math, and written expression. The standard score is 100, with a standard deviation of 15.