Newspaper Articles with Sociological Analysis

This assignment will be a minimum of a full 4 page analysis of news information using sociological concepts. Articles must be current (since

January 2018) and may be taken from credible newspapers, journals, on-line news, or magazines (cannot be opinion pages, blogs or editorials).

The articles must address topics of importance to sociological discourse. This paper requires objectivity and the ability to apply sociological

concepts to current events. This is not an opinion paper. The assignment is worth 100 points.

1. Summarize the contents of the article in the first, introductory paragraph. This must include the date, title and origination of your

article. Explain the main events or points of the article. This must not go beyond page one. (20 points)
2. Analyze the article using at least one sociological theory. (25 points)
3. Explain the events or information in the article using a minimum of 4 sociological concepts. This should include explaining the concept using

your own words and applying the terms to the article. (25 points)
3. Conclusion (10 points)
4. Document your research sources in the paper (in-line citations) and at the end of your paper (works cited list). You may use new articles,

academic journals, policy websites and other credible sources of information. (10 points)
5. Formatting of the paper must follow guidelines noted in the document: Notes on Writing Assignments (posted in the content section). Usage of

proper English spelling, grammar and punctuation. (10 points)