Business Coursework 2

LEARNING OUTCOME 2: Upon completion of the module the students should be able to evaluate the importance of entrepreneurship to the local, national

and international economy.

This is an INDIVIDUAL essay.

‘Discuss the importance of entrepreneurial activity to the UK economy’.

Please refer to literature for higher scores and paraphrase wherever possible referencing the sources properly. The word count should be around 3000

words +/- 10%. The latest assignment submission date is 11.59pm, Friday24thJune 2016. Please remember that you can submit well before this final


Marking scheme
Depth and quality of critical argument 60%
Theoretical concepts / references / research 30%
Presentation of document 10%

Students from all institutions must submit the work electronically using the ‘Turnitin’ facility on Blackboard.

General Instructions:

• All elements of the assessment are individual pieces of work and you are reminded of the ‘fit to sit’ policy described in the module on

• You are reminded of the rules regarding plagiarism descried in the module on Unilearn and although in this assignment multiple submissions

are permitted on Turnitin, be aware that there is a 24hr delay before the previous submission is overwritten.
• The recommended word count excludes the reference list, Topsheet, Table of contents, Appendices section and any direct quotations.
• Correctly referenced paraphrased statements are likely to attain more marks than direct quotations.
• All scripts must be submitted via ‘Turnitin’.
• Referencing should be based on the Harvard system. Marks will be lost for poor referencing.
• Attention should be paid to good presentation and clear writing throughout.