Friend Study Review Paper


Friend Study Review Paper
Review the study by Friend, et al.
• In your own words, describe the research problem the study addresses, the research methods the authors used, and the main findings from the study.
• What type of chi-square test(s) did the author(s) use?
• Explain why you think the use of the chi-square test was appropriate or inappropriate.
Your paper should meet these APA guidelines:
• The paper should have a cover page
• Use double-spacing
• Use 12 point font/Times New Roman
• Contain in-text citations for any referenced material
• Contain a citation for the article and any other resources on a References page
• Should be 3-4 pages in length
For citation guidelines, please refer to the APA Style section of the Tools & Resources page

• Read the document titled “Same-Day Substance Use in Men and Women Charged With Felony Domestic Violence Offenses” by Friend, et al.