Nonprofit Volunteer Management

Nonprofit Volunteer Management

This course covers the fundamentals of volunteer management, emphasizing topics such as volunteer administration, designing a volunteer program, recruiting volunteers, training volunteers, and managing risk



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Upon completion of the Nonprofit Volunteer Management course, each student will be able to:

  • Analyze and evaluate the assumptions and premises that underlie the concept of volunteer management to understand the practical role of managing volunteers within a nonprofit organization (Educational Principles III, IV, and VIII).
  • Examine the essential role of a volunteer in an organization’s success within the nonprofit sector (Educational Principles III, IV, and VIII).
  • Examine various models related to volunteer management, risk management, recruitment, and evaluation (Educational Principles IV and VIII).
  • Evaluate key aspects of volunteer management (engagement, motivation, recruitment, retention, orientation, and training), and analyze the role of technology in volunteer management (Educational Principles III, V, and VIII).
  • Assess management’s role in developing a volunteer management program and handbook (Educational Principles II, III, and VIII).

Final Project – Volunteer Handbook

The purpose of this assignment is to synthesize the knowledge learned throughout this course to develop an efficient and effective volunteer handbook. Students will select a Human Services nonprofit organization and develop a volunteer handbook for their selected organization. If the organization publishes their volunteer handbook, this cannot be used for this assignment.

The volunteer handbook should contain the following sections:

  • Mission and history of the organization
  • Organizational Chart & list of board members
  • Description of programs/departments and outcomes
  • Purpose and goal of the volunteer program
  • Description of operational policies relevant to your volunteers
  • Description of topics be covered in volunteer orientation & training
  • Volunteer positions, job descriptions, etc.
  • Conduct and behavior expectations
  • Operational guidance
  • Acknowledgment of receipt of the volunteer handbook
  • Appendices

Your handbook will also include a title page, table of contents, and references/appendices. You will complete the assignment in phases, and the final draft (containing all aspects of the handbook) will be submitted in week 8.

Volunteer Handbook – Part 1

Select a Human Services nonprofit organization to use for your volunteer handbook project. Write an organizational overview which includes the mission, values, and history of the organization.

Volunteer Handbook – Part 2

Develop the organizational Chart & list of board members of your chosen organization. Also, provide a description of the organizational programs and departments.

Volunteer Handbook – Part 3

 Discuss the purpose and goal of the volunteer program. Provide a description of operational policies relevant to your volunteers.

Volunteer Handbook – Part 4

Provide a description of the volunteer positions, including job descriptions within your organization. Also address conduct and behavior expectations.

Volunteer Handbook – Part 5

Address operational guidance and create an acknowledgment of receipt of the volunteer handbook.

Volunteer Handbook Final Submission

 Integrate all five components of the volunteer handbook and submit your final draft.

Writing Assignment

 Construct a logic model for the volunteer program/handbook developed throughout this course.