Team Building Training Program

You will develop a training program for a non-profit organization:
 Family & Childcare Resources of N.E.W.
Your task is to develop a training program for their employees. You will have an opportunity to meet with the each of the center’s directors and conduct a needs assessment before you begin. You may find that some of the training topics include: Communication, customer/client service training, collaboration of cross functional teams. Your finished product will be to write a professional and thorough training manual that can be used by Family Services.Use theories from the textbook for this manual.

Note from me:

1. This is a group project. What I need from the writer is an introduction (brief background of the Family& Childcare Resources of N.E.W., the problems that have, etc.), two ice-breaking activities(this will be right after the introduction)with all the details that can help with the problems that have,two to three activities on Stress Management with all the details, and a conclusion.
2. The problems the Family& Childcare Resources of N.E.W. is facing is that they were two different organization and they combine into one due to the financial issue. However, two departments do not work together and know nothing about what other is doing. Therefore, this manual should be helping two departments to work as a team.
3. Please see the other file for the outline that the body parts of this manual (my groupmates are working on the body parts of this manual).
4. For the activities that you are using, please include the estimate time and cost.